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Residential and Commercial Irrigation Services

My Lawn’s Irrigation division is located at 11233 Springboro Pike, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342.

At My Lawn Irrigation, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service along with offering the best products on the market.

With My Lawn Irrigation, you can be assured that you will never see a service technician who is unable to handle your lawn sprinkler system repair needs. Our repair technicians are some of the most qualified in the lawn irrigation industry today.

We solve problems, enjoy the challenge, and like the confidence and respect this attitude invokes in our customers. We are competitive with most other reputable lawn sprinkler companies and it will be easy for you to observe the difference in our level of expertise and job quality.

Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced. We offer the quality and efficient service on your lawn sprinkler system that you should expect from a professional company.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest technology for valve location and ground fault location. Each vehicle carries a wide variety of repair parts to virtually eliminate the need for a return trip. We gladly work on all brands of irrigation products.

Sprinkler System Repairs
Our team of sprinkler repair technicians has years of experience to quickly analyze your problem and start your repair immediately. After the repair has been made and the system tested we will clean up and restore our work area. Most repairs take about an hour and are 100% guaranteed, call today (937) 619-0777 or email

Most Common Problems
Running water; the sprinkler system is leaking or is stuck on

Sprinkler system does not work; No watering or Controls not working

Broken or damaged sprinkler system parts including; Sprinkler heads-valves- piping, etc.

Sprinkler system coverage; not enough or too much water being applied to landscaping

Sprinkler System Annual Maintenance
When properly installed and maintained, automatic sprinkler systems have proven to be the most effective means to ensure proper watering for your lawn and landscaping. We pay attention to our customers and make their lives easier by automatically performing annual services.

Annual Services Offered
Spring Tune-Up – Turn on water supply, Check each zone for proper coverage,

Cut around pop-up heads in lawn, Adjust nozzles for proper coverage, Check for leaks, Check controller (if accessible)

Monthly Inspection & Coverage Adjustments – May thru Sept. Adjust nozzles for coverage, Check zone valves, Check landscaping, make adjustments based on field observations, Advise client of any necessary repairs or changes that may be needed.

Fall Shut Off-Winterizing – Turn off water supply , Blow water out of all sprinkler lines, heads and valves with compressed air, drain backflow, Turn off controller (if accessible) 100% Guaranteed

Backflow Testing – Backflow testing is required yearly per Ohio State Health Department. The test ensures the backflow preventer is working properly and is protecting your family.